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The first non-official round of battles has been completed! In the battle between dragonessasmith and counterfeitcoin, challenger 1 was dragonessasmith and challenger 2 was counterfeitcoin.

Now for scoring I averaged the votes for each category individually to come up with the average score, then added them together for the winner.

Without further ado.

Challenger 1, dragonessasmith:
Use of secret ingredient: 3.3
Originality: 4.3
Presentation: 3.5
Quality of writing: 3.8
For a total score of 14.9

Challenger 2, counterfeitcoin:
Use of secret ingredient: 3.9
Originality: 4.5
Presentation: 4.7
Quality of writing: 4.5
For a total score of 17.6

And the winner is...uh...me. I've gotta say, I was really hoping it was going to be dragonessasmith because I feel kind of silly, like I've done this just to toot my own horn. I swear I haven't.

Stories may now be posted everywhere with your names attached.

Now sign ups for the first official round will begin!